About Dreamcoat Kenya

Dreamcoat is the sole importer of Akzo Nobel (The largest paint company in the world) SIKKENS and DYNACOAT automotive paints, and related products for Kenya and Uganda. We are a market leader in basecoat and pearl refinishes in Kenya with over 18 years experience. We are proud to introduce Aerospace coatings from January 2011 to our list of products, and services available.

Car’s today come in tens of thousands of colours and shades, but with the Sikkens International colour bank and computerized paint system anything is possible. No business can “go it alone” in today’s world. That’s why the partnership between Dreamcoat, Akzo Nobel and you, our client can achieve a good quality and profitable repair for the car owner.

Whether you require paints for your corporate fleet, your body repair shop, or your aircraft, Dreamcoat has both the products and the expertise to serve you.

In modern markets, success depends increasingly on alliances with experienced and reliable partners. Dreamcoat understands that to achieve the highest standard in body shop repairs, both good quality materials and technical back up is of up most importance. A healthy profit is the only thing that can safeguard the future of any business and in the changing world of car repair, optimizing productivity and profitability takes top priority.

To achieve a high quality repair the topcoat is only a part of the repair process. That is why we also supply other related products of top quality to enable the end user to accomplish the “perfect repair”. These include: Equipment, sandpapers, bodyfiller, plastic bumper repair kits, polishes etc.